Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PUMA GT Tutorial

It was a fast sketch just to find the car

Almost there...

Uhhhh, I Think is that!

A little bit of "WARP" on photoshop is not bad



The Wheels
More Wheels
Shadow under the body
Some reflex and volumes
Blá, bla, bla!!! ...
Tail lamp and side gills

Friday, May 8, 2009

Girls on paper

Long arms and big feet...

I must to learn to put this in a real proportions!

This is the second step, I´ll finish it... one day!

Shhhh......... she´s taking a power nap!

I think she looks like Courtney Love

No blur, no gradint like Grand Theft Auto

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tamiya RC Cars

Fanging the throttle in a sunny day

I guess U can see now, we´re talking about RC cars.

This is one of my favorite photos (that I did). It was in Melbourne, on the boxes of the F1 race track. The Lexus is mine and the Subaru is Douglas´ (a.k.a. Laska).

And this is the favorite...

Dr@gon Racer

...ahhhh, well... acctually, I started trying to make a guy ryding a bike, is possible to see the tank and the tail but, put an weird animal underneath the "pilot" and I didn´t finish yet.
I'm gonna finish it!
here is just black pen, no marker, no photoshop and is very rare I start a sketch from the headlamp or another part of the car. The most of times I start from the wheels but...

Race T.R.U.C.K

A side view of an "out of control" engine in a truck, just this!
Free sketch and photoshop.




It was for an auction to help the JDRF ( in Australia.

The Flash

It would be for a book but I didn´finish on time, so...
what ever!


My Version


CORVETTE for fun!